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Telemedicine Solutions
Telemedicine is a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred via telecommunication networks for the purpose of consultation, and also remote medical procedures or examinations.

You will be happy to know that we are going to play a role to increase access to health care services and to improve quality of care. RightTime along with its partner is going to share its worldwide experience in the development of successful telemedicine programs. Very soon RightTime with its parent company (telemedicine factor – based in Germany) is going to establish its technical Support Centre. The SUPPORT CENTRE will be a call service of Parent Office.

Online Trading Solutions

RightTime is working hard to merge in online trading community (eTrading) for providing participants with a structured method for trading, exchanging, or selling goods and services. We are keeping forums and chat-rooms to facilitate communication between the members. Here we shall use Information technology to bring together buyers and sellers through electronic trading platform and it will be likened electronic equivalent of a bazaar, flea market, or garage sale /virtual market which are also known as electronic communications networks or ECNs.