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Why should you select us?

Following the client requirements and availability, we arrange and collect information, make appropriate plan for the desired services, design solution infrastructure, organize equipment and solution providers to work together to provide a complete and total solution in various fields (especially IT enabled) as per customer requirement from one single location for the benefit of our customers.

Our Specialities

why-select-us Before starting any service, we emphasize and bring individual/ team skill set of the client organization to understand the service and get the service from the vendor/ service provider. Which further strengthened the in house team to carry out services (internal audit, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and meeting regulatory requirements etc.) with utmost confidence.

No need for searching Foreign Company/ Association with Foreign Vendor for quality product and service. We are internationally recognized (authorized) and registered service provider for Information Security Related Consultation, Audit and Assurance.

If a non-confirmatory is found in any stages of the Security Services e.g. PCI DSS Service life cycle, you need not worry to clarify it onsite and to depend on the foreign expert(s). RightTime almost eliminates time constraint and full dependence on foreign expertise.

In various stages of the Security Services e.g. PCI DSS Compliance Certification (i.e. gap analysis, remediation and certification) you get maximum case onsite support rather than having offsite support.

Need not count/bear the extra TA/ DA charges e.g. for expertise/ professional’s staying in hotel, air travel (sometimes expert need to come more than 2 times for the same project depending on the condition of the organization).

Lastly, a mentionable amount of outward remittance would be saved if we take services from Bangladesh Based Vendor/ Service Provider.